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Jamil’s Global Village is a community and marketplace that offers artisan wares, and books that celebrate black culture and history. Jamil’s is also an intentional and sacred space for the community. Jamil’s was founded in 1993 by Jamil and Rashida Brookins with a mission to provide the community with a shared space to raise consciousness, affirm racial pride, celebrate black history & identity, and provide customers with an African centered marketplace.

In ancient Kemet (Egypt) it is said that, “A day without fragrance, was a day lost”. It is for that reason we carry a variety of incense including incense sticks (domestic, Tibetan, Indian and Japanese), Native American smudges (sweet grass, and sage), charcoal and resin. We carry clothing for men, women and children that includes West African imported Ankara (wax-print) ensembles, Islamic religious garb from the Middle East, and a few domestic brands. We offer books that explore everything from black history to natural healing therapies and beyond. We offer something for everyone.

Our Founders

Our founders traveled throughout the African Diaspora and gathered artisan wares. Each piece has a story and an intention adding to a rich tapestry of collected wares throughout the store. We are deeply committed to the community and work hard to ensure that all of our products are of superior quality. Our aim is to provide the community with a shared space and products that nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

Our Products

Our product selection is sizable and widely varied for a boutique our size. We carry a wide array of high-quality natural hair care products, including sulfate free shampoos, expeller pressed hair oils, high quality shea butter all specifically selected for natural black hair and locs. We also offer a selection of body lotions, essential oils, black seed medicinal products, and high quality carrier oils.
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